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California’s Italian Restaurant has been in the business for over three decades, providing authentic Italian food and the best pizza in Anaheim and surrounding areas. What’s more you can opt for an online delivery wherever you are. Be it in Disneyland Adventure Theme Park, Honda Center or any resort near the city, you can have your favorite Italian dish right at your doorstep.

Stiegl Lemon Radler

This World Classic is 50% Stiegel Beer and 50% Lemon Soda. I know… you say the two are mixed??? You really have to try this to see how wonderfully refreshing it is!

This has to be one of the most under-the-radar beers out there. I had one of these on the recommendation of co-workers here, and it did not disappoint. A light and refreshing treat.

"Some of Our Featured Beers"

Do you want to have a better time while at the Honda Center, Disneyland Adventure Theme Park or any resort in California? You simply need to have a beer in hand. We have a viriety of choices!

Grimbergen Blonde

Grimbergen Blonde is a deep blonde Belgian Abbey ale, boasting a lovely golden-yellow robe, with ochre glints. Slightly fruity, it offers the perfect balance between sweet and bitter tastes and just the right amount of fizz. It is round and harmonious in the mouth.

Unibrou Trois Pistoles

Unibroue makes a wide range of beers, although there is a focus on Belgian-style brews, such as their Maudite (“Damned”), La Fin du Monde (“The End of the World”), and Don de Dieu (“Gift from God”). Most of Unibroue’s beers are bottled “on the lees”, or containing yeast sediment (or lees).

Reissdorf Kolsch

Very light color, slightly malty, fairly soft palate, dry finish. The Kölsch is fermented with an ale yeast, but matured at cooler “lagering” temperatures to produce an ale’s fruity complexity with a lager’s crispness.

Weihenstepahaner Vitus

Our light-coloured, spicy single-bock, “Vitus” is saturated with fine yeast and a creamy foam. It is a specialty with a round character based on the extra long storage time. The fruity smell of dried apricots joins aromas of citrus, cloves and hints of banana.

Paulner Hefeweizen

The name of the brewery Paulaner derives its origin from the monks of the Minimes order founded by François de Paule, who lived in the Neuhauser Straße in Munich.The beer that was permitted to be sold on holidays was a Bock style which gained local fame.

Spaten Optamator

It was probably one of the first examples of the style that I ever tasted, and I just never looked back. That shouldn’t be surprising, considering Spaten’s long history of brewing in Munich, Germany. The company can trace its roots all the way back to 1397, and is one of only a handful of breweries authorized to sell its products as Munich’s Oktoberfest.

Allagash Dubbel

Allagash Dubbel hews close to the Abbey ale tradition. Its combination of 2-row malted barley, Victory, Carapils, malted red wheat, Munich, and black malt imbue it with a rich, copper color and complex, malty taste. Despite its full flavor, it finishes dry with subtle hints of chocolate and toffee.

Allagash Tripel

This strong golden ale carries herbal notes and passion fruit in the aroma. Suggestions of honey and biscuit are found in the beer’s complex, varied palate. Brewed with our 2-row barley blend, hopped with Nugget and Hallertau, then fermented on our house yeast, Tripel lingers on the palate for a complex, dry finish.

Shipyard Imperial Porter

Imperial Porter is a full bodied, very dark, malty beer with a good roasted character coming from the Crystal, Chocolate and Black Patent Malts used in the mash. Warrior, English Fuggles, and East Kent Goldings Hops balance the malts with a good hop bite. The beer has an OG of 1.070, rounding out after fermentation with just a slight residual sweetness and cutting dry at the finish. 7.1% alcohol by volume.

Bay Hawk Ca Pale Ale

Pours a slightly cloudy, golden orange color with a medium white head that disappears quickly. Scent is lightly hopped with some grain and subtle malt aromas. A little bit of earthiness as well. Taste is a nice balance of malt and hops with faint grapefruit and citrus flavors. Finishes with light bitterness and lemon. Mouthfeel is light bodied with interesting (off-putting?) finish. Drinkability is fair. Overall, this is not a bad pale ale. It is by far not one of the best, but it is a descent offering.

Fischer Amber Ale

Fischer Amber is a 6% alcohol beer brewed (according to BeerAdvocate) to the “Euro Dark Lager” style. That’s rather vague; in actuality, this “Bière d’Alsace” is less “dark” and more “amber” and strikes me as being more in line with a Vienna Lager style (think Dos Equis or Sam Adams Boston Lager).

Oharas Irish Red

O’Haras Irish Red is a fruity and aromatic beer with a distinctive coffee like finish. The traditional hop flavour balances the sweet malty caramel taste. Brewed with pale malt , torrified wheat crystal malt and generous portion of roasted barley, O’Haras Irish Red is an excellent accompaniment to roast dishes.

Taj Mahal Lager

It’s “best served chilled” and you need to “consume within day of opening”. Whether that means it’ll still be good to top-up your hangover with your Pot Noodle breakfast the next morning is unclear.
This fridge cold bottle poured so easily, not even I made it glug.

Yanjing Lager

Yanjing 6pk 12oz bottles malt resulting in a distinctly clean taste. A floral nose and dry crisp malty smoothness that provides a refreshing finish with an undertone of hop bitterness. Naturally brewed with mineral water hops rice and barley.

Hue Lager

Golden yellow color. Aromas of egg white omelet, hominy, and almond scone with a supple, dryish light-to-medium body and a pepper, honeyed melon, and grass accented finish. Tasty, vibrant, and a good foil for spicy Asian foods.

Singha Lager

This neck foil keeps the attractive white and gold colour scheme. It has an impressive, if unintelligible symbol, and the words “Thai Beer”. That nails the origin then. This beer is from Thailand.
The main front label keep the same colour scheme. But it’s dominated by an enormous gold dragon.

Mythos Lager

Mythos was first produced in 1997 at the Mythos Brewery in Greece using the skills and know-how acquired by the brewmasters after collaborating with major European beer schools. The excellent quality of Mythos beer combined with the brand’s authentic and impressive personality have won the hearts of consumers.

Anderson Valley Imperial Ipa

This was a dream come true for those wishing to savor high quality, flavorful and perfectly balanced beers. To celebrate our 20 years of continued success, we have created a unique beer. Our Imperial India Pale Ale is loaded with excessive amounts of malts and 20 seperate additions of the finest Pacific Northwest hops.

These are just some of our featured beers that will greatly complement any Italian food like pizza. So, if you are in Honda Center, Disneyland Adventure Theme Park, or any resort in the City of Anaheim and surrounding areas, you can always give California’s Italian Restaurant a call for an on-time delivery of your favorite food and beverage.

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