Italian Food Restaurant in California – On-Time Delivery of Pizza, Beer and Many More to Disneyland Adventure Theme Park, Honda Center, and any Resort in Anaheim

California’s Italian Restaurant has been in the business for over three decades, providing authentic Italian food and the best pizza in Anaheim and surrounding areas. What’s more you can opt for an online delivery wherever you are. Be it in Disneyland Adventure Theme Park, Honda Center or any resort near the city, you can have your favorite Italian dish right at your doorstep.

Partner It Up with the Best Tasting Beer

There is no better way to spend your weekend that with a bottle of beer on one hand and a slice of pizza on the other while doing whatever you love, wherever you may be. With over 400 featured beers, California’s Italian Restaurant undoubtedly holds the largest beer list in Anaheim, California and surrounding cities.

"Some of Our Featured Beers"

Do you want to have a better time while at the Honda Center, Disneyland Adventure Theme Park or any resort in California? You simply need to have a beer in hand. We have a viriety of choices!

Fresh Hop Pale Ale

This golden-member brew has an intense bitter grapefruit, granity and gritty flavor. It also has mown hay, lemon and fresh green herb to the nose. The Fresh Hop Pal Ale is very well-balanced in the middle with a lot of hop flavor and an adequate mouth-feel and malt backbone.

Dirt Wolf Double IPA

With two-row German malts and a balanced combination of whole flower Citra, Simcoe, Chinook, and Mosaic hops, this brew comes with powerful citrus aroma and fruity flavors. Every drink gives you a piney, earthy and mildly floral experience as a result of the combination of the viriety of hops.

Wreck Alley Imperial Stout

This was brewed from darkly kilned malts, cocoa nibs, and Ethiopian coffee beans. It also boasts rich layer of dark chocolate, toffee and espresso-like roast. Get to enjoy all these flavor from this brew that has a stout shelf-life.

Unibroue La Fin du Monde

This malt beverage comes with an equisitely robust flavor of exceptional refinement due the excellent triple fermentation through the blend of special yeast.

Unibroue La Terrible

This is dark brown beer on lees and is part of a collection of exotic and refined Unibroue beers. This may, however be a bit dark as an after dinner digestive. Howeber, it can be the perfect alternative to coffee as an accompaniment to a lot of dishes.

Figueroa Mountain Davy Brown Ale

This beer is deep-mocha colored and combines caramel and chocolate malts with Northern Brewer and Cascade hops. This is loaded with coffee and chocolate which are played against citrus and stone fruit and stone fruit and a mellow bitterness.

Figueroa Mountain Danish Red Lager

Inspired by the red largers of Denmark and the signature red Danish flag, this brew is a blend of Europian lager and sweet caramel malts. This was crafted with seven kinds of specialty malts for a layer of rich, caramel malt flavor and a full body.

Figueroa Mountain Hoppy Poppy IPA

This is identified by its intense hop bitternes, aroma and flavor. Its Brilliant appearance and dry texture is reminiscent of a fine Santa Ynez Valley chardonnary. This is the Master Brewery’s Favorite vintage.

These are just some of our featured beers that will greatly complement any Italian food like pizza. So, if you are in Honda Center, Disneyland Adventure Theme Park, or any resort in the City of Anaheim and surrounding areas, you can always give California’s Italian Restaurant a call for an on-time delivery of your favorite food and beverage.

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