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Pizza Card Sales

This is a great fundraiser that teaches our youth how to communicate effectively, marketing and business skills, the art of selling, and how to count money.  

Carolinas will print a custom card that is good for a large 1 topping pizza and it will have the name of the school on it.  The program director will distribute a set number of cards per student.  Students will sell each card for $10, person purchasing card can redeem immediately for a large 1 topping pizza.  Upon completion of fundraiser administrator will coordinate with Carolinas manager to pay for sold cards at the price of $7 per pizza and program will benefit $3 per card sold.

This program is ideal for groups that need funding for a specific project. Example of groups that it has worked well for:

  • 6th grade science camp
  • Band groups
  • Individual sports teams 
  • School Clubs 
  • Religious groups 
  • Cheerleading squads

How to make this program a huge success.

  • Make it a competition between all students (Carolinas will give prizes that you can use for the top 3 sales leaders)
  • Divide group example for 6th grade science camp into class rooms, the class room with the highest sales Carolinas will sponsor a pizza party.
  • Make it social, promote the fundraiser on social media.
  • Encourage parents to sell cards to their coworkers
  • Promote program to other organization. Members who participate in after school programs should sell cards to their team member families.
  • Sell in public places, super markets, churches, etc..